This past weekend I attended WonderCon 2008 (my first comic book convention) and I was blown away by the energy and intensity of the event! I got to meet some of my favorite creators, got some rad sketches, and met some really cool people (I’ll be sharing them on here eventually)! But one of the aspects of the Con that really made me smile was the cool kids that I saw in attendance! Here’s a few of my favorites:
“Hey, Batman!” I said, to get this kid’s attention so I could take his photo. To which he replied, “I’m not the real Batman!”

This one is probably my favorite because of how her costume is so wonderfully homespun. Love the boots!This kid had cool hair. ‘Nuff said.When I asked this kid if I could take his photograph he was really bouncing off the walls on the convention floor. Once I turned on the camera, he got into zombie character right away. Kinda unnerving, but impressive at the same time. After I thanked him, he suggested I go get zombified at the makeup booth. I told him I had plenty of makeup on already.