Chris Evans as Captain America

The Super Soldier Serum makes a man out of Chris Evans.

I am super excited about the upcoming Captain America movie!  I am a big fan of Chris Evans (I used to have a huge Fantastic Four movie poster of him adorning my wall–a buddy of mine got it for me from the theater he worked at) and can hardly believe how bulked up he’s become to play super soldier Steve Rogers.  I snagged the above image from Bleeding Cool (there’s more images at the link) who apparently nicked images from Entertainment Weekly.  Aside from the obvious beefcake factor, this movie looks to be incredibly dedicated to creating a believable environment and character.  I have goosebumps from some of the sets alone!

Han Solo

Harrison Ford sitting behind an X-wing.

I tell people all the time that Han Solo made me gay (he was my first on screen crush) and many a man and woman have told me in return that Harrison Ford’s swashbucklin’ swagger also awakened them to the many possibilities of their sexuality.  I had thought I had moved on a bit in regards to this era of my life, but the I discover that Vanity Fair has a wonderful post about a new tome featuring behind the scenes photos and anecdotes from the second Star Wars movie.  The Making of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back looks to be a great addition to any fan’s coffee table or bookshelf.

Batman with Bear

“Untitled (Batman with Bear)”

Chicago’s Rotofugi Gallery had a mind-boggling exhibit by artist Steve Seeley entitled “my god, it’s good to see you” that mixed superhero iconography with nature and gang symbolism.  Other depictions include celebrities like Paris Hilton with dobermans as legs or Kim Kardashian with a He-Man inspired Faker doppleganger.  The show is truly an amazing display of pop culture imploding into bizarre new worlds.