These comics aren’t coming out until January, but their subject matter sure seems appropriate for Halloween!  Chaos War rages on and some undead X-Men get in on the action.  Who will rise?  Will any of them return to the living for good?  I’m a big fan of the original Thunderbird, but I’m really crossing my fingers for Banshee’s resurrection!  Here’s hoping!

God Squad

The Son of Satan is a member of the God Squad? I’m not sure how Daimon Hellstrom is counted as a god, but his inclusion is welcome even if I don’t think it makes sense.  I am super excited about seeing Sersi again, love Venus from Agents of Atlas, always good to see Norrin Radd (aka the Silver Surfer) but I wish he wasn’t wearing the space trunks.  That is, I prefer his more statuesque interpretation.   He looks more regal to me when he resembles an Oscar. And is that the Panther God in the background?  Interesting.


Ah, Hela, how I love thee (especially rendered by Arthur Adams)!  The Mistress of the Underworld sends her undead army to conquer in her name and part of me always wants her to succeed.  Then I remember how much I love Thor and wish Hela luck for next nefarious scheme.  I have always felt that Hela’s design is just as classic as traditional Disney villains like The Evil Queen and Maleficent.  The headdress alone is fantastic!

Here’s to awesome Marvel comic covers for January and a Happy Halloween to you all!