Storm by Jess K

I had an awesome time at last weekend’s Alternative Press Expo!  I sold issues of Princess Witch Boy #2 and read a lot of Heroic Tarot for folks.  I was so busy at the Writers Old Fashioned booth that I did not get a chance to see the rest of the show until the last hour on Sunday.  Mr. Ken Kneisel accompanied me as we flew from table to table, hoping to catch a glimpse of something amazing to take home with us.  At the Lovekiller table, we found awesome paintings of our favorite Marvel superheroines created by Jess K!  The most amazing thing about her artwork is how tiny it is.  The above image of Storm was scanned from the original, measuring only 2″ x 3″!

X-Women by Jess K

Jess had prints of her paintings of the X-Women for sale.  It was amazing to see such lush detail captivated in the various depictions all smaller than a trading card!  The images of Polaris (So awesome to see Lorna Dane get some love!), Storm and Phoenix above are scanned from one of her prints.  I am especially loving her sultry Phoenix!  If Jess’ Etsy shop is anything to go by, thick-lipped, heavy-lidded ladies are a specialty of hers!  Check back this Wednesday as Ken Kneisel shares his White Queen painting by Jess K with us!