I have never been to New York Comic Con, but it sounds like a lot of fun.  I assumed that the cosplay there might rival the costume craziness at San Diego Comic Con, but I had no idea that New York cosplayers totally thinks outside of the box!  I almost fell out of my seat when I watched G4’s clip of cosplayers dressed as X-Men dancing and rapping!  Yes, I said rapping!  Bishop’s gun contains a boombox full of Beastie Boys tunes,  Colossus dances like a robot and Iceman does the worm (and the moonwalk)!  Awesome!

It’s time to vote for a new leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes!  Having their readers choose who will be in charge of the 31st Century super team is an DC Comics tradition!  There’s 25 characters to choose from so make your voice heard!