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Storm Sunday: Jim Lee, Part V


Uncanny X-Men #276, page 22

Jim Lee may be Co-Publisher of DC Comics now, but his work on Marvel’s mutants in the 90s propelled him to prominence in the industry.  In the first panel above, Deathbird, Storm and Banshee listen to Forge (second panel) as he questions the death and destruction on a world the X-Men had hoped to save.  One might say that Forge has always possessed a pessimistic outlook.  His attitudes resulted in his recent madness and subsequent demise in Astonishing X-Men #30.  Many of Jim Lee’s X-Men redesigns are among my favorites, especially the short hairstyle he gave Storm.  I like how the cut frames Ororo’s eyes and gives her a new wave/punk look.  It’s a shame it didn’t last very long.


Uncanny X-Men #267, page 4

Above, Storm (de-aged to a child thanks to the villainous Nanny and the Orphanmaker) and Gambit fight off servant hounds of the Shadow King.  Gambit first appeared in Uncanny X-Men #266.

1989 JLee XMen 256 page

Uncanny X-Men #256, page 16

Psylocked struts her stuff while pondering life’s hard questions with Storm.


X-Men #9, page 2

In the adjectiveless X-Men title, it was only a matter of time before the X-Men had a crossover, this time with Ghost Rider.  Writer Chris Claremont had been forced off the title by this point (he left with issue #3) and it shows in the dialogue, characterization and plot.

Jim Lee - X-Men n.2 p.29

X-Men#2, page 29

Jean Grey and Storm watch a Danger Room simulation from the control room, attempting to find a way to beat their brainwashed teammates.  I miss the days of Storm and Jean having these kinds of conversations.  Or just having on panel time together.  Or Jean being alive.

Jim Lee wolvie

Jim Lee X-Men 271, page 24

Havok, brainwashed into thinking he’s a Genoshan magistrate, (this brainwashing stuff is a total X-Men trope) tussles with fellow X-Man Wolverine.  I’ve always found Havok to be a visually interesting character with his all black costume and concentric circles.  Jim Lee’s decision to slash the page in half is a fun design choice and I especially like the panels done entirely in silhouette.


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  1. Ingonyama

    UXM # 256, the issue where Psylocke turns from British model to Asian ninja, was probably the head-trippiest issue I’ve ever read. At least, that tripped me out in a good way. Most of the later head trips came from bad plot twists, and no one likes those. :p

    In the overall issue, I love that for all Jim Lee’s artwork is sensual and sexy, it doesn’t take away from the turmoil of Betsy’s situation, or the tangle of other people’s plots that her life’s been embroiled in. And I’m glad Claremont chose Storm for her to talk about that with, since Ororo knows about going through hard changes.

    On the subject of our resident High Priestess, Storm looked great with the short, Pat Benatar-ish hair. Though really, when she went back to wearing a cape after that, I was a little disappointed…it didn’t match up with the hairstyle nearly as well as the standard X-Uniform did. I would actually have liked to see the short-haired incarnation rock the leather costume she wore during her Mohawk phase.

    For the record, even though everyone gets down on Claremont for great big boxes of dialogue, I think Fabian Nicieza (his replacement on the X-Men books) is somewhat worse. At least with CC, you could understand the story.

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