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Storm Sunday Extra: Scott Pilgrim Poster X by Bryan Lee O’Malley


A little while back, we shared a White Queen sketch by Bryan Lee O’Malley, but it seems that that was just a warm up for the talented Scott Pilgrim creator.  Check out this amazing mashup of the Scott Pilgrim universe with the X-Men!!!

Robot 6 reported on this variant “of a new Scott Pilgrim poster from the upcoming SP box set.  Drawn by Bryan Lee O’Malley and colored by Rico Renzi (who came up with the idea of this particular version), it popped up on the Tumblr of Oni’s Douglas E. Sherwood the other day.”

Here’s a list of the Scott Pilgrim characters and their respective X-Men matches:

Scott Pilgrim- Gambit
Ramona Flowers- Mystique
Knives Chau – Jubilee
Envy Adams – Rogue
Gideon Graves – Mr. Sinister
Wallace Wells – Iceman
Stephen Stills- Wolverine
Neil Nordegraff – Colossus
Julie Powers – Kitty Pryde
Kim Pine – Jean Grey
Lisa Miller – Storm
Matthew Patel – Banshee
Lucas Lee – Nightcrawler
Todd Ingram – Cyclops
Roxie Rhicter – Psylocke
Kyle & Ken Katayanagi – Madrox

I think my favorites are Stephen Stills as Wolverine, Wallace Wells as Iceman, and Rogue as Envy Adams.  It’s also nice to see Banshee get a shout out as Matthew Patel.  I think almost all of the mashups are amazing.  This is one of those things that makes me happy to be a comics geek.


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  1. Ingonyama

    I don’t know anything about Scott Pilgrim, but I love this image. The shot of Nightcrawler especially makes me sad, but in a good way, and Wallace/Bobby’s cheeky grin is priceless.

    Knives as Jubilee seems an odd choice (energy blades seem to be too obviously a Psylocke thing), but again, I don’t know from Scott Pilgrim. The personality may be a better match.

    My only problem is Storm in a cheerleader outfit. I suppose I just never really cared for that particular look for her (in X-TREME X-MEN).

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