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White Queen Wednesday: Think Kink

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel

kink 1

Art by Kaare Andrews.

Greetings, gentle reader. This past Sunday marked the 27th annual Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, the largest fetish street fair in the world. Like most every year since moving to San Francisco, I attended the fair and had an amazing time exploring a variety of kinks and fetishes, which I will refrain from discussing in too much sordid detail because stormantic is an all ages blog. But we are free to examine what is printed on the page of Marvel comics, so this week I will talk about a few notable references to Emma Frost’s interest in various fetishes and S&M.

Most recently we saw the above cover of Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #3. This image has absolutely nothing to do with the story contained within. But unlike your standard merchandising-friendly generic pinup cover, this shot of Emma and Scott drips with bizarrely kinky imagery. Emma is sitting on Scott like a human chair and he looks as if he is expecting to get spanked. But Emma is instead leisurely eating a sticky sweet syrupy stack of pancakes in the most suggestive manner possible. Perhaps the spanking will occur after Emma finishes her pancakes and she is drawing out the experience in order to heighten anticipation.

kink 2

Words by Warren Ellis. Art by Phil Jimenez.

When Beast makes a bawdy joke in Astonishing X-Men #35, Scott mentions Emma’s “corrupting effect” on everyone. Later in this same issue, Emma tells Hisako that she will take her shopping. Hisako hopes Emma does not mean the bondage shop again, to which Emma replies that she thought a particular pink collar fit Hisako perfectly. I’ve been saying since Emma and Storm have become such good friends in Astonishing X-Men that I would like to see them go on a shopping spree at some of San Francisco’s leather and fetish boutiques, particularly Stormy Leather because the store’s name itself is so wonderfully evocative of both ladies. I would not have guessed that it was instead innocent young Hisako who Emma was unwillingly dragging around to all the bondage shops in town. There’s that corrupting influence Scott was talking about in effect.

kink 3

Words by Warren Ellis. Art by Phil Jimenez.

Another recent example of Emma’s kinkiness was presented in the Curse of the Mutants: Blood & Smoke oneshot. At one point Dr Nemesis jokingly threatened Emma with a fate worse than death, that he would somehow shut down all the fetish manufacturers in the world.

kink 4

Words by Grant Morrison. Art by John Paul Leon & Bill Sienkiewicz.

One of my favorite representations of Emma’s interest in psychosexual fantasy scenarios came in the form of New X-Men #131, when she began her telepathic tryst with Cyclops in earnest and suggested they roleplay Dark Phoenix Saga era Scott and Jean. This was especially interesting, considering Emma made her very first appearance during that storyline and wound up having her mind shattered after tangling with Jean in her Dark Phoenix persona. That would suggest this mental roleplay session might serve to help Emma work through her own considerable issues just as much as it was meant to assist Cyclops in addressing his insecurities.

There are many other examples of this kind of thing, such as the time Iceman had Emma’s hands and feet bound in a big block of ice and Emma teasingly suggested that she normally had to pay for that kind of treatment. These are just a few instances off the top of my head. I’m sure you can think of others, gentle reader.

So it is clear that Emma is quite interested in S&M, various fetishes and kinky sex in general. Since the X-Men are now based in the San Francisco Bay Area, I imagine Emma hasn’t missed a Folsom Street Fair since moving here either. Her signature scandalous all white ensembles would certainly break up the sea of standard black leather.

Spanks a lot for joining me this White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader! Until next week…


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  1. Ingonyama

    I find it interesting that Emma’s “Phoenix” costume is the wrong color. Scott and Jean’s relationship hit its high point when Jean was still in the green Phoenix outfit, not the Dark Phoenix suit. It fell apart after Jean’s costume went Dark Phoenix red…which is either an embarrassing mistake on someone’s part, or a deliberate attempt on Emma’s part to keep the therapy part of the session intact by forcing Scott to work through his issues with Dark Phoenix. I prefer to think of it as the latter.

    I haven’t the faintest idea what that Xenogenesis cover is about, but I’ve decided to ignore the art of Emma Frost in those books since she looks like Jessica Rabbit. I don’t find her in the least attractive, IMHO, though obviously mileages will vary. However, her characterization by Ellis is pitch perfect, so I have to content myself with that.

    Beast’s “Actress to the Bishop” joke is perfectly apropos of him these days. It reminds me of the late, lamented Courtney Ross in the third issue of the classic Excalibur series, trapped in a fatal stand-up routine in Murderworld. She demonstrated an amazing ability to think on her feet and improvise, which kept her alive throughout the ordeal, complete with snappy one-liners to rival Spider-Man at his best. Suffice it to say, I think Hank’s newer, raunchier sense of humor is an engaging new “corruption” and very telling of his growing friendship with Emma.

  2. Or maybe she’s dressed as Dark Phoenix for dark deeds?
    Eh? EH?

    That was an interesting take on Emma – one which is impossible to argue because it’s been apparent for years.

  3. I *so* have my outfit for next year’s Folsom now.
    (and I loved the back-and-forth between Nemesis an Emma in the one-shot)

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