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X-Factor by Dan Panosian

x-factor dan panosian

Did you ever read X-Factor starring the original X-Men? Recently, Marvel published a mini-series entitled X-Factor Forever picking up from where writer Louise Simonson left the series. It was a great read and artist Dan Panosian redesigned the characters in a fun fresh way. The designs are presented above.  From left to right, Cyclops, Archangel, Iceman, Jean Grey and Beast.

The costumes are infused with a modern sensibility, (the most noticeable change being that Iceman is wearing pants) and it seems a shame that these designs are confined forever to what basically amounts to an imaginary continuity.  Cyclops’ jacket looks great with one of the lines of the “X” thinner than the other and it’s nice to actually see heels on his shoes.  Jean looks like a fashion model on vacation and Beast has always looked great in as minimal a costume as possible.  His interpretation of the classic Archangel costume is spot on as well.  His clean linework and contemporary designs are bolstered by his take on these characters personalities.  Cyclops comes across as stoic, Iceman a bit miffed, Archangel disagreeable, Jean placid and Beast determined.

I hope we see more from Dan Panosian on Marvel’s mutants in the future!  Until then, check out these pages!  In addition to his blog, and his Deviant Art page, Dan is also a regular contributor to Comic Twart and you can see his awesome take on some great characters there!  Keep up with him on Twitter!


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  1. Ingonyama

    X-Factor had the potential to be so much more than it was…but I literally cannot pick up an issue of it without being reminded of the “Inferno” crossover.

    Let me be clear: The idea of reuniting the original X-Men in a new book was a nice nod to tradition on Marvel’s part. The X-Men under Claremont were probably the most dynamic superhero team ever to exist in comics, and while I found that amazing, it’s not good for someone with a specific favorite character, as chances are it’s only a matter of time before that character vanishes from the book. (Polaris is a prime example of this, as is Iceman in the years between Uncanny #94 and the founding of the new team). X-Factor was a great way to get the original X-Men back in action and give old-time readers adventures with their old favorites again.

    There was only one hitch in the plan: Jean Grey, the only woman on the original X-Men, was dead, and Cyclops was happily married to Madelyne Pryor, an ordinary woman who just happened to look just like her.

    The way those hitches in the plan were resolved was…unsatisfying, to say the least. I don’t know if Scott’s character ever truly recovered from the atrocity of his actions at the start of the book…especially considering the consequences they had for Madelyne Pryor down the road.

    Madelyne remains one of my favorite characters in the X-Men books to this day because at first, she represented something comics rarely offer: A happy ending. I would have loved to see her and Scott ride off into the sunset. Alternatively, she could have become a new heroine, with or without powers, and been a valued addition to whatever team they wanted to create.

    But X-Factor being comprised of the original X-Men was editorially mandated, and so too was Jean’s resurrection. The derailment of Madelyne into a demonic, crazed Woman Scorned archetype was just natural fallout from that.

    Fine, fair. I can life with that. But the X-Factor issues of the Inferno crossover…the denouement of the debacle started with the group’s foundation…don’t hold up, quality-wise, when they’re contrasted with the solid storytelling of Claremont and Silvestri’s slick art in Uncanny’s corresponding issues of the crossover, as in the trade paperbacks of the story.

    It gets worse when you realize X-Factor has two of Inferno’s seminal plot points as part of its run: the final fight between Jean Grey and the Goblyn Queen, and the climactic showdown between the combined forces of the X-Men and X-Factor and Mr. Sinister himself. Read Uncanny X-Men #242 and #243, and then look at X-Factor #38 and #39. Worlds of difference.

    This is a lot of the reason I’m not clear on the point of X-Factor Forever. After Inferno, I just failed to garner any excitement about the series at all.

    That said, from a visual standpoint, I love the designs for the new costumes…Scott, Jean, and Hank look brilliant, Iceman is nicely updated, and even though I’m not big on Archangel’s first costume, it is nicely reproduced here. If this guy had drawn the issues I have problems with, I’d have liked them at least a little better.

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