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Storm Sunday Extra: Origins of Marvel Comics (X-Men)


X-Men: Legacy writer Mike Carey pens the Storm origin story for the X-Men edition of Origins of Marvel Comics.  It is a testament to his writing skill, fluid style and uncanny understanding of continuity that he is able to summarize Ororo’s entire history into a single page.  The captions above and below the first panel immediately illustrate the initial abandonment and subsequent glorification that is the core of Storm’s story.  I’m glad the battle for leadership against Cyclops is represented and I appreciate the almost meta textual commentary on the wedding to Black Panther (“Some feared it might mark a decisive split”).  In that moment, it seems like he’s talking about/to the comics internet community.

Husband and wife penciller and inker team,Terry and Rachel Dodson do a great job illustrating key moments of Storm’s life and end the story with a stunning mid-air pose.  The tiara is spot on although I would have liked her ruby to be drawn a bit larger (and she has no earrings which makes kinda sad).  The vinyl shine effect on her costume is amazing.  This origin story is definitely one of my favorites in recent memory.


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  1. You know, there has been a lot of kvetching over on the X-boards at CBR regarding the Dodson’s artwork, and I have to say I just don’t get it. I love their work…so fluid and elegant.

  2. Ingonyama

    This particular piece is uncharacteristic of their usual work…I’m not used to the Dodsons drawing a woman with a unique face.

    Normally, Terry tends to draw his women all looking alike. Not quite to the extent of Greg Land’s almost-literally photocopied girls, but specific complaints include that Emma and Dazzler are hard to differentiate without their individual costumes/Dazzler’s light effects showing through, Pixie looks far too ‘developed’ for her age, and Psylocke (as usual) isn’t drawn looking like an Asian woman.

    By contrast, this rendition of Storm has an appearance all her own. No other Dodson-woman has that kind of a face, and her build strikes me as more muscular and less “buxom” than the others.

    It could be a fluke or (I’m sincerely hoping this is the case) Dodson could be hitting his stride as an artist. Either way, this is the best piece of artwork I’ve ever seen from him.

  3. Ingonyama, I’ll have to disagree with you a *bit*…I think the “interchangeable” aspect of folks artwork is almost across the board. There are very few artists out there who can/do give us variation…the Dodsons’, while they do fall prey to this, at least manage to do it with good graphic style.

    Don’t get me started on how Pixie (and several other characters) seem to fluctuate in age quite drastically, depending on the artist, though.

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