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Superheroes File Cards: Psylocke, Rogue, Dazzler, & Kitty Pryde

We’ve recently presented the file cards of Storm and Emma Frost (from the recent  Superheroes comic), but every X-Woman is someone’s favorite, so today I present to you the file cards of the rest of the prominently featured female members of the team!  First up, the lovely telepathic ninja Psylocke!


Psylocke’s file card is written from the perspective of Steve Rogers (former Captain America) and now Super Soldier of the Marvel Universe.  I like how Steve mentions that her “multiple deaths and resurrections have caused identity crises and shifts in her power sets.”  It would be nice to read a file card from the X-Men’s perspective that gives us some specifics on who Betsy thinks she is now and the limits of her powers.


Of note to me in this card, was Steve’s assessment that Rogue would make a great replacement for Luke Cage’s Thunderbolts leadership.  Now that is a great idea that I would love to see implemented.  I doubt it will happen, but maybe they can find a space for Rogue to teach the new Avengers Academy students?  A crossover with the younger X-Men kids maybe?


So weird that Steve knows about Dazzler and Longshot’s baby (even if he doesn’t know what happened to it).  Seems rather strange dangler for the editors to bring up too.  I do like the natural progression of Alison being an X-Men and pursuing her career.  It’s a perfect solution to what has been this character’s defining challenge for many years.

Kitty Pryde

It is interesting to compare and contrast the lives of Bucky Barnes and Kitty Pryde, as Steve does here.  Two kids starting out young with amazing role models and teachers, turning into amazing heroes.  I’m glad to see that Kitty’s SHIELD training was not overlooked, but I’m wondering why Kitty isn’t known by her Shadowcat handle.  Does no one use that one for her anymore?  Is it just not cool enough or something?

So there you go, dear reader.  Files on your favorite X-Women from the desk of Steve Rogers himself!  I hope you enjoyed them!  I would love to see Polaris and Jean Grey involved in the next character files comic!  Hopefully they will be used in the near future and warrant such an update!


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  1. Ingonyama

    I liked the “Shadowcat” handle, but it seems Kitty’s decided to go the “Jean Grey” route by eschewing code names altogether. Her name sticks much better in the mind than any of her codenames ever did, honestly, so it makes sense. I don’t even recall hearing the name ‘Shadowcat’ used since “Astonishing X-Men” came out.

    These are surprisingly fair. Psylocke HAS gone through identity hell, Rogue’s powers ARE by nature extremely unstable, and Dazzler’s primary concern IS usually her personal life first and then her superhero career.

    I actually like these. They’re honest, fair from Steve’s point of view (though I’ll admit his POV is somewhat biased towards the MU as a whole rather than individual concerns), and give you a good hint at the roles each character plays in the larger scheme of things.

    I’m also looking forward to seeing Polaris’ entry. Will Steve hold her past with Magneto against her? and what about everyone’s favorite walking reality bomb, the Scarlet Witch?

  2. Lovely

    Awesome! Thanks stormantic, you rock!

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