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Storm Sunday: Mark Robinson

While I do have lots more amazing drawings from San Diego Comic Con 2008 to share with you, dear reader, I thought it would be cool to first share this amazing Storm drawing that artist Mark Robinson was so kind to draw for me at this past Wonder Con!

Now that’s a hot piece of art right there, folks! There’s a lot of movement in this piece. Storm looks ready to invoke some hurricane winds! Her eye makeup is amazing and I really dig how tall the mohawk is! I also love how Mark’s added a few punk rings and bangles to Ororo’s regular choker and bracelets! This is 80s fashion at its finest! *grins*

I’d love to promote Mark’s upcoming work, but didn’t find a site for him when I Googled his name. If you know where Mark Robinson can be found on the web, please drop me a line and let me know!


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  1. Hey There-

    I totally remember doing this Storm. Is this “Stormy”?

    Anywayz- Drop me a line- and I’m glad you liked the piece!


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