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Storm Sunday: George Pérez, Part II

Perez X-Men Specialty Piece

X-Men drawn by George Pérez?  Yes, please!  This piece is an amazing assortment of mutants, most of which are in their Jim Lee era costumes.  Storm, however, is sporting her 70s look which at first was a bit disconcerting for me.  Was that a specific request of the person who commissioned this piece or is it just George’s favorite look for our weather maven?  Regardless, I love the way George draws her.  She’s totally dominating the upper half of the composition with the power of her presence.

George Perez Storm

George Pérez draws a great au naturel Storm.  The look in her eyes is dramatic, intelligent and downright sexy!  Ted is a lucky guy!

Storm by George Perez

Whoa!  This Storm portrait is one giant oval!  Ororo looks a bit older than I am used to seeing her depicted.  She almost looks like Iman (who was my first choice to portray Storm in the movies when I was younger).

George Pérez is a modern master and I always enjoy seeing his work.  I encourage you to seek out the X-Men gallery on his site for more X-citing artwork!


Colossus by Dave Cockrum


Storm Sunday Extra: Origins of Marvel Comics (X-Men)

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