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“The Most Important Panel This Year”

Avengers #5 comes out this week and thanks to Tom Brevoort and Comic Book Resources, the world got a sneak peak at what is being heralded as “the most important panel this year” from Marvel Comics.

Brevoort says, “It’s a chart that Old Tony from the future shows to his present-day self, warning him about what is to come. We’ve fat-packed it with hints and portents of future events, so it ought to provide plenty of fodder for fan speculation-at least that’s the hope! And here it is:”

The Most Important Panel This Year

Brevoort said that this panel is proof that Marvel has “got something of a master plan mapped out for the next few years.”  Sounds good to me.  I’m already excited to see which Avengers Academy member turns traitor.  The downside is that I’ve been sitting here at my desk and screaming “INFINITE FUTURES!!!” to no one in particular just because I like the sound of it.


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  1. I love*love*love the panel! It brings me back to that feeling I’d get as a kid when I’d read the letters column, and some hint of future happenings would be dropped…my brain would go into overdrive pondering the possibilities!

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