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Storm Sunday Extra: Superheroes

Superheroes Storm file

This week saw the release of The Heroic Age: Superheroes which contains file cards about every notable Marvel super-hero as written by Steve (no longer Captain America, just call me Super Soldier, ma’am) Rogers.  Ron Richards of iFanboy has a fun article about the title and speaks about Steve’s rather sexist, nationalist and mutantphobic attitudes, but for this blog’s purposes we are only going to look at Storm’s file.

It appears that Steve thinks rather highly of Storm and her husband, the Black Panther.  I suppose he doesn’t remember that at their wedding, he almost ruined it by fighting with Iron Man, but hey, he’s like super old and maybe he has super selective memories.  I don’t understand why he’s obsessed with Thor and Storm “turning their weather powers against one another.”  Since Civil War, does he sit around daydreaming about all of his friends fighting each other?

However, it is cool that he lists Storm as a “team-player” and a “formidable leader.”  I am so glad that under “Cons” he does not list claustrophobia as that is a state that Storm has totally worked out of her system (as recent stories have shown time and time again).

I don’t know what to make of these arbitrary so-called “power” ratings.  Too weird.  What is meant by “Power”?  “Free Will”?  I have to say, I don’t get it.

Oh, and if Steve really is worried about whether Storm’s roles as queen of Wakanda and as member of the X-Men are going to come into conflict, he needs to read X-Men: Worlds Apart by Chris Yost.  She is quite capable of handling all aspects of her life.  Besides, she’s not really queen anymore.  The ruler of Wakanda is Shuri, who is T’Challa’s sister and the current Black Panther.  Good going, super-cop.


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  1. Ingonyama

    They got a fantastic profile pic for Storm in this.

    I think Steve’s comment on her and Thor is mostly just curiosity, due to the similarities of their powers. Everyone has that instinctive “Who’s stronger?” reaction when it comes to similarly-powered characters. On that subject, I believe Thor is stronger in terms of raw power, but Ororo is craftier, with a wider array of powers at her disposal, and much more willing to cheat.

    I’d much rather see them work together anyway.

    Re: the “conflicting roles” gaffe: this may have been written before T’Challa lost his throne. That’s about my only defense for him there. :p

    Again, as I’ve been saying throughout, these are relatively fair analyses of the characters, and Storm’s is no different. Steve sounds almost reverent of Storm here, and I dig that. 😀

    The rating system seems based on the values Steve himself holds to be important, rather than the average set of stats you see in every other trading card set. “Conscience,” “Altruism,” “Free Will”…these are the things that make a hero, rather than just a super-person. It’s interesting to see them analyzed and get a more complicated moral compass than just ‘hero’ or ‘villain.’

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