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Death by David Finch

death by finch

Death by David Finch

Who doesn’t love Death?  I mean, who doesn’t love Death from the Sandman series by Neil Gaiman.  Seriously, ever since she showed up in Sandman #8,  the perky quirky little sister of Lord Morpheus (aka Dream) has stolen hearts of readers everywhere.  Although she is not my favorite Endless (that designation belongs to Destiny), she is my second choice and I am looking forward to her appearance in Action Comics #894 where she will meet Lex Luthor (written by Paul Cornell).  This will be a big event as it marks one of the rare times a Vertigo Comics character will crossover into the DC Comics main universe.


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  1. AmirCat

    David Finch is great, but with the new covers he is doing for DC, he might actually elevate to legendary status someday!

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