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Storm Sunday: Jim Lee, Part IV

Storm by Jim Lee

Last night Isotope hosted the incredible writer Jason Aaron (Scalped, Wolverine, Ghost Rider) and it was an amazing evening!  If you haven’t checked out the man’s writing, well get to it ’cause Aaron hasn’t written a bad comic yet!

Today we look at two Jim Lee commissions of two different Storms.  Above, we have a rather tempestuous Ororo Munroe (in her 90s costume that Lee designed) in some really spiky heels.  It’s an interesting composition in which Storm looks like she hasn’t really entered the frame yet, but I cannot deny the kinetic quality of how Lee chose to depict the rainstorm around our fair weather witch.

Jim Lee Sue Storm

Here’s Susan Storm from the Fantastic Four simultaneously posing assertively and disappearing into the edge of the paper.  The circle around her head is a nice device, highlighting her face and representing her force field power.  This piece was drawn at WonderCon (which takes place in San Francisco) and is an awesome convention to attend! Last year 34,000 folks gave WonderCon its highest attendance numbers ever!  Spend most of your time in Artist’s Alley.  I totally recommend it.


Aquaman by Craig Hamilton


Death by David Finch

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  1. Ingonyama

    Jim Lee’s improved dramatically since I saw his work last.

    I’m starting to see differences in his facial characteristics…something I’ve never known him to do before, except in special circumstances (i.e. Jubilee or Asian Psylocke).

    Storm’s shot is action-packed. I love it to bits…the Jim Lee outfit may be my second-least-favorite Storm design ever (followed up, unfortunately, by everything Igor Kordey ever did with the character), but I will say when he took hold of it, it was downright amazing.

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