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Valkyrie by Don Perlin

Valkyrie by Don Perlin

In the heat of battle, Valkyrie leads the charge with her faithful Pegasus Aragorn by her side.  Illustration by Don Perlin, co-founder of the Cartoonists and Illustrators School and artist of numerous titles such as Will Eisner’s The Spirit (in 1951), Ghost Rider, The DefendersWerewolf by Night., and Transformers (!).  He also co-created Moon Knight with Doug Moench.  During the 90s, Perlin also penciled Solar, Man of the Atom and Bloodshot, in addition to editing several titles for Valiant Comics.


Valkyrie by Colleen Doran


Valkyrie by Adam Warren

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  1. Daniel

    I commissioned this from Mr. Perlin a while back. It’s a great piece and I was thrilled with it.

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