An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel

Hello there, gentle reader. It should come as no surprise that STORM and I frequently forward each other interesting depictions of our girls Storm and Emma Frost, for potential use as Storm Sundays or White Queen Wednesdays and of course for our own personal enjoyment as well. This White Queen Wednesday I would like to share with you the subject of one such correspondence from STORM. Just as he recently spotlighted Adam Hughes this past Storm Sunday to complement my White Queen Wednesday: Adam Hughes a couple weeks back, today I carry over the Paul Smith love with a stunning commission sketch of Emma Frost.

Paul Smith

This is a particularly saucy and playfully sexy vision of Emma, and the art deco backgrounds lend the impression of a children’s storybook illustration. I am immediately reminded of Paul Smith’s depiction of Emma from Uncanny X-Men #169 when she fell into a comatose state after being attacked by an unknown assailant  and appeared like a sleeping fairytale princess in the secret underground catacombs of the Hellfire Club.

I also love the intricate lacing on Emma’s boots and gloves as well as the delicate lace flourishes on her stockings. It looks like her bustier is little more than a brassiere here. These are minor costume tweaks but I enjoy them. I think Emma’s outfits are amenable to little alterations like this since I imagine she must have several closets filled with many different variations of her trademark white lingerie and high heel boots.

That’s all for this White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. Until next week…