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White Queen Wednesday: Adam Hughes

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Greetings, gentle reader. This White Queen Wednesday, I shine the artist spotlight on Adam Hughes. Well known for his dazzling depictions and convention sketches of curvy superheroines, Hughes recently posted this amazing illustration of Emma Frost and Jean Grey on his DeviantArt page.

Emma and Jean are wearing their costumes from Grant Morrison’s New X-Men era and this art was originally commissioned as a cover for Wizard magazine during that time, although it has also been used on some Marvel merchandise as well. Here’s a comparison of the black and white line art and finished color piece.


Adam Hughes also provides an interesting insight into his perception of Emma’s particular psychology.

“Oh, a note on Jean’s finger touching Emma’s boob… in my mind it was less about Jean copping a feel, and more about Emma being a pushy Personal Space Invader. She’ll go into your mind with no reservations whatsoever, and she’ll stand way too close when she knows it makes you uncomfortable.”

I hadn’t even noticed that little detail until he pointed it out! Speaking of which, Emma certainly can be said to have invaded Jean’s personal space when it comes to Cyclops, inserting herself between them when she saw their marriage falling apart.

While we’re on the subject, here is another simply amazing piece of Adam Hughes artwork featuring Emma wearing her original White Queen costume from the Hellfire Club.

This piece was translated into a breathtaking statue by Sideshow Collectibles.



On his DeviantArt page, Adam Hughes has also shared some other outstanding illustrations and sketches of a few of our other favorite mutant ladies like this daring Psylocke, an incredible Kitty Pryde who looks so three dimensional that it’s almost as if she is walking right out of the page towards you, a smashing Rogue and a fiery Jean Grey from her brief stint as the pre-Selene Black Queen.

I hope you enjoyed these brilliant shots of Emma Frost by Adam Hughes, gentle reader! I will be back next week to talk more about Emma.


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  1. Hey I posted a full review of the statue that aren’t stock pictures from the sideshow website. Check it out here White Queen Sideshow Statue

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