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Storm Sunday (San Diego Comic Con 2008 Edition): Mark Brooks

I had the pleasure of meeting artist Mark Brooks at Wonder Con last year (He actually recognized me from my MySpace friend request and we got to talking;  I guess this shows that stalking folks you like on MySpace can result in positive results).  I spent some time chatting up Mark and his amazing wife Lisa at their Artist Alley booth at this year’s San Diego Comic Con International.  Both Mark and Lisa are super fun and friendly.  I had a great time talking and laughing with them and wish I could have done more.  My thanks go out to them for being such a big part of my first SDCC.  And to top it all off, Mark drew me this sketch of Storm from his favorite era of our weather goddess’ tenure as leader of the X-Men.  I love his rendition of Ororo.  She’s certainly giving off a no-nonsense ‘tude!

Check out Mark Brooks on MySpace (He has a lot of information about other ways to keep in touch with his projects and art on there) and pick up a copy of Ultimate X-Men by Marvel Comics to see his work!


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  1. kamla

    man i wanted to *be* storm when she looked like that! she is beautiful in that sketch.

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