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Storm Sunday: 1982 X-Men Jam

X-men jam piece

Happy Storm Sunday to you, dear reader!  Today we feature an X-Men jam piece from 1982, featuring the artwork of many talented illustrators!  So many different artists representing some of the best of the early All-New, All-Different era of the X-Men!  On the left, we have a stocky rendition of Colossus by comics superstar George Pérez, a seriously serious Cyclops by Paul Smith, and a menacing Nightcrawler by his creator Dave Cockrum.  Next to Nightcrawler is an out for blood Wolverine by legendary Bill Siekiewicz, and joining him are a Sprite-ly Kitty Pryde by her creator John Byrne and a high-flying Storm by Bob Wiacek.

I love the idea of creating your own team of X-Men with different artists.  If I were to do such a thing today, I think I would want the X-Men Australian Outback era consisting of Storm, Dazzler, Rogue, Psylocke, Colossus, Wolverine, Havok and Longshot.  I’d want the team when they were fighting the Adversary at the end of Fall of the Mutants.  This was when Storm was dressed in her Native American gear by Marc Silvestri and I would have him draw her as he did then, with her hair super long and in that fringe dress.  I’d want Bill Sienkiewicz to draw Dazzler, Art Adams would be my first choice for Longshot (since he’s the lucky lad’s creator),  Rick Leonardi draws a perfect Colossus, Havok by Neal Adams , Rogue by Jim Lee, Wolverine by Simone Bianchi, and Psylocke by Alan Davis (only he could make the purple armor look bearable; I am a huge fan of her pink outfit with the big sleeves).

If you had the chance to recreate your own X-Men jam piece, which era of the X-Men would you choose and which artists would you want to draw them?


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  1. Ingonyama

    No specific era, but an overall ode/homage to Claremont’s classic run.

    John Byrne, Paul Smith, Jim Lee, and Alan Davis have all done incredible jobs with (almost) this entire set of characters, so splitting them up into specific artists is just about impossible.

    Here’s the lineup, with some specific artistic choices.

    Storm: The outfit she wore just after the X-Men appeared in Australia, with her hair grown long but still rocking the Mohawk leather gear, or in Alan Davis’s 2004 ReLoad costume. I have so much love for that suit. Artists: Marc Silvestri, Alan Davis, Jim Lee, Carlos Pacheco, Salvador Larocca.

    Phoenix: Either the Lee-designed 1990s “Jean Grey” costume with the headband (but her hair loose and flowing, NOT bound up like it was in the animated series!), or the classic green-and-gold Phoenix costume. Artists: Jim Lee, John Byrne, Joe Madureira, Phil Jiminez.

    Nightcrawler: Obviously, his classic costume would be optimal for this. Artists: Dave Cockrum (RIP, you amazing man!), Alan Davis, John Byrne.

    Wolverine: Orange-and-brown outfit, PLEASE. No mask if it can be avoided, I love his face. Artists: Bill Sienkewicz, Jim Cheung, Alan Davis, Paul Smith, or John Byrne (yeah, lots of ’em for this guy!)

    Colossus: I loved his post-Secret Wars red-and-black costume, and his Classic and Astonishing X-Men looks are also spiffy. Artists: Paul Smith, John Romita Jr, Jim Lee, Walt Simonson, Jim Cheung.

    Psylocke: Asian body, written with her British-psychic sensibilities in mind (tone down the action-junkie thing, PLEASE). Outfit: House of M Dragon costume, or a modified, more “Asian” version of the Aussie armor. Artists: Alan Davis, Jim Lee, Salvador Larocca.

    Beast: The brilliant big blue guy needs more love (and his old monkey form back dammit!). I imagine him being the Kitty Pryde of the team in that he never wears the same costume twice. Artists: Joe Madureira, Jim Lee, Carlos Pacheco, Salvador Larocca.

    Shadowcat: The Excalibur costume and the Astonishing costume were both good in their own ways. Take your pick. ^_^ Artists: Alan Davis, John Byrne, Salvador Larocca, Paul Smith (I use him an awful lot), Dave Cockrum again (RIP).

    I’ll probably look back over this in a day or so and go “WTF was I thinking?!”, but I’m satisfied for now.

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