An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Good evening, gentle reader. This week’s White Queen Wednesday will focus on a page from last week’s Uncanny X-Men #526. In this scene, Emma Frost meets Tony Stark AKA Iron Man for dinner and to discuss topics unknown.

I wonder if Emma’s comment that Tony looks like a movie star might be a reference to the Iron Man films starring Robert Downey Jr. Her characterization of Cyclops and Wolverine’s “rad bromance” is definitely a reference to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.


It has previously been suggested that Emma and Tony enjoyed a casual “friends with benefits” type relationship in the past, back when she was still the White Queen of the Hellfire Club. So the obvious inference in this dinner date is that Emma might be hooking up with Tony again. But I sincerely doubt that is truly the case here.

But if not that then what else could they possibly be discussing? Tony Stark’s suggestion that they “figure out which way we want the world to spin” indicates that their dinner conversation might center around the fact that they are two of the more influential movers and shakers of the Marvel Universe. Perhaps Tony is going to invite Emma to become a member of the Avengers? Emma has assisted the Avengers a couple of times in the past, most notably to help calm the Sentry’s mental imbalance.

What do you think Emma Frost and Tony Stark might be up to, gentle reader?