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White Queen Wednesday: English Accent

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Good afternoon, gentle reader. It’s White Queen Wednesday, and today I will focus on Emma’s vaguely English sounding manner of speaking. There is a lot about Emma that is artificial, from her dyed blonde hair to the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cosmetic surgery she has sunk into her appearance. While it’s usually Emma herself who broaches those normally touchy subjects with a Joan Rivers-like candor, her affected British accent has only been mentioned by other characters a couple of times now.

The scene above is actually one of my favorite Emma Frost moments from Grant Morrison’s New X-Men, when Emma patronizingly disregards the cab driver’s question about her perceived English accent. I just love the way she carries herself in this scene.


Later in Warren Ellis’s Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis, Cyclops describes Emma as “a white woman of indeterminate ancestry who speaks with a fake English accent” so it’s not just that cab driver who noticed.

It should be noted that Emma Frost was born and raised in Boston Massachusetts, not the UK. Perhaps she assumed her accent because she didn’t want to sound like everyone else back home in Boston, or maybe more specifically she just didn’t want to sound like the family she walked out on.

Or perhaps Emma adopted this pretentious Madonna-ish affectation simply to confer upon herself a regal air of royalty and sophistication.

Either way, I like how Storm teases Cyclops about it here. Her gentle ribbing about his girlfriend’s curious character tic comes off as affectionate teasing between close friends.


That wraps up this White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. I’ll meet you here again next week to talk a little bit more about Miss Emma Frost.


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  1. There is also a theory that Emma “absorbed” the accent from Astrid Bloom – the girl she met back in college, a skilled telepath, who later trapped Emma in her mind and forced Emma to fight her way back – Emma then stole everything Astrid knew, and maybe she could also take her accent. Just imagine this scene from the “Emma Frost” comic – they talk, Emma speaks with a normal American accent, Bloom traps her, Emma fights back, makes her fall into a coma, looks at her as Astrid lyes on the floor gasping for air and then says “Astrid. Stop.” with a new and cool English accent and with this look on her face. That would be just precious.

  2. Ingonyama

    I always assumed Emma spoke with the upper crust “Hello, dah-ling” accent traditionally popular with rich people on TV. It does sound like fake-English to most people.

    Notice it was never even brought up until Grant Morrison introduced it…around the same time, oddly enough, that Madonna was heard using it. :p I always just assumed it was a pop culture in-joke.

  3. This is an old post — but check out my theory (that Vahlary mentioned)!

  4. Although I will admit my theory is very bizarre — albeit fanwanking to the extreme. 😉

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