I’ve already written about how I fell in love with Storm and how the art of Arthur Adams (specifically the cover to Classic X-Men #3) turned me on to the X-Men in general.  I’ve often thought about how great it would be to meet the artist who had such an influence on my life, particularly my adolescence.  Well, thanks to the magic of San Diego Comic Con International, that dream came true.  I was hanging out at the Fat Naked Rave booth talking to the always amazing Wendy Williams (partner of the prolific J. H. Williams III) and suddenly realized that the amazing art next to Jim’s work was by none other than Art Adams himself!  I looked over and there was the man himself sketching a headshot of Hellboy for some lucky fan!  So, of course, I babbled a bit (Okay, a lot!) about what a fan of his work I am, from X-Men Annuals (Hello, X-Babies!) to Longshot (Nobody makes that mullet hot except Art!) to Jonni Future (From ABC Comics).  His art has only gotten better as evidenced by recent Avengers Classic covers.  Below are some pieces that I had to share from the Arthur Adams Sampler VI & VII.  Make sure you get a copy of them for yourself!  They are full of amazing artwork across the years of Art’s illustrious career!

Above is artwork from Classic X-Men #4.  Demons, demons, everywhere!

Storm works her weather magic in this awesome illustration!  Art knows how to serve up classic Storm in style!

Storm in mohawk circa “Lifedeath” era (based on Barry Windsor-Smith‘s design).

Arthur Adams draws Magik (My favorite New Mutant next to Cypher & Mirage, natch!) with the dignity and mystery she deserves!  This drawing reminds the reader that Illyana Rasputin is caught between two worlds as a mutant and a sorceress.  I love this rendition of her armor and soulsword too!

DC Comics’ premiere magic maven, Zatanna, casts her spell on you!  Check out the “charming” chain of world faith/eclectic charms along her belt!  And you gotta love those chunky boots!  Seriously, if you love Arthur Adams’ artwork, you have got to get yourself these Samplers!   They are available on his site! Order them today!