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Eisner Nominated Artist Creates Heroic Tarot Artwork

Heroic Tarot with STORM

Matt Silady, author/artist of the Eisner-Nominated The Homeless Channel and fellow member of Writers Old Fashioned, created this amazing image of Yours Truly to advertise my Heroic Tarot business.  I love the color scheme, photographic composition, and Art Nouveau inspired design.  In this artwork, I am wearing a hat and ascot by DAS, shirt by Yabette and vest by gibbous.

Appointments for Heroic Tarot take place regularly on Fridays.  Other days and times are possible and I am available for parties and events.  Email me at HeroicTarot (at) gmail (dot) com.


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Happy Gay Pride!


  1. Love it, STORM!

  2. Emily Stackhouse

    This is SO good! Matt did a phenomenal job! Perfect.

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