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White Queen Wednesday: Namor, No Less

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Imperius Rex, gentle reader! It’s time to talk about Namor the Sub-Mariner, King of Atlantis and would-be suitor of Emma Frost.

When Emma and Namor were called to a meeting along with several major baddies like Loki and Doctor Doom by Norman Osborn at the start of his Dark Reign over the Marvel Universe to make them all an offer they couldn’t refuse, Namor behaved as if he had never met Emma before. Emma was unfazed and made a disparaging remark about the way he smelled.


But Namor was only pretending not to recognize Emma in order to protect her from the assembled villains in the room.


In fact, it turned out that Namor and Emma share a sexy secret past from when she was still the White Queen. Namor was invited to the Hellfire Club by the Black King Sebastian Shaw to offer him the role of White King. When Emma laid eyes on Namor, it was lust at first sight.

Namor flatly turned down Shaw’s offer of membership in the Hellfire Club’s Inner Circle, although he was immediately infatuated with Emma. So Shaw asked Emma to recruit Namor by whatever means necessary. Emma then seduced Namor and shared his bed for a time, although he still didn’t join the Hellfire Club and Shaw had Emma’s recollection of these events wiped from her memory so that she could not recall them until some time later.


Getting back to the present day and Norman Osborn’s secret cabal of villains, including Emma and Namor in his machinations proved to be a mistake when those plans backfired on him. Emma played Osborn for a fool and used the opportunity to recruit Namor into the X-Men and form an alliance between the mutants and Namor’s Atlantean race.


Since Namor joined the X-Men there have been several hints of an unresolved romantic tension between him and Emma. I’m of two minds on the subject. On one hand, there is already the widespread perception of Emma as a man-stealing home-wrecking trollop based on the telepathic tryst she entered into with Cyclops while he was still involved with Jean Grey. So for Emma to be flirting with her former fling so recently after having fallen in love with Cyclops does not exactly look good. But on the other hand the X-Men have always been at their best when it’s one big mutant soap opera so this is precisely the kind of thing we fans seem to thrive on. At the very least it feels more like Namor is pursuing Emma but not the other way around so far, and Emma has remained steadfastly faithful to Scott.

My immediate impression of this pair is that Emma and Namor seem mismatched. Emma is so perfect and pristine and particular about her looks and it seems like Namor would just get her hair and clothes all wet and make her smell like a fish market. Although I suppose there is a certain bodice ripping romance novel cover quality to that particular dichotomy, as expertly illustrated by Terry & Rachel Dodson on the upcoming cover of Uncanny X-Men #527 at the beginning of this installment.

But this is not the first time Namor tried to come between a prominent supercouple. He has persistently attempted to woo the Fantastic Four’s Susan Storm from her husband Reed Richards for years now, so it seems he has a thing for blondes who are already in a relationship. I suppose everyone wants what they can’t have on some level, but I don’t like the way this makes it appear as if Emma is some kind of second rate replacement since Namor can never obtain Sue.

I hope Emma does not stray from Scott or leave him for Namor. What she has with Scott is so much deeper than any superficial infatuation she might share with Namor. Plus I can’t imagine that Emma has any intention of becoming Namor’s Queen of Atlantis and being shipped off into exile away from her students and fellow X-Men like what happened with Ororo when she married the Black Panther and became the Queen of Wakanda. (Sorry, STORM!)

However, there is another somewhat more intriguing option. What if Emma and Scott discussed the situation and decided to have an open relationship so that Emma was able to take Namor as a lover on the side while maintaining her relationship with Scott? They are living in San Francisco now, after all! Then perhaps when Scott’s dead wife Jean Grey is inevitably resurrected again, perhaps Scott could get back together with her while staying with Emma as well. I’m not suggesting this situation would necessarily be ideal for any of the parties involved, and I sincerely doubt it would ever happen in the first place. For one thing, Scott seems way too square to even entertain the idea of agreeing to such an arrangement. I could kind of see Emma maybe going for it though. It was suggested that she had a “friends with benefits” relationship with Tony Stark AKA Iron Man while she was with the Hellfire Club, so she might be more amenable to such a non-traditional romantic entanglement. I really don’t think this will ever happen, but it would be interesting.

What do you think about the possibility of Emma and Namor hooking up, gentle reader? Let me know how you feel in the comments, and I hope you join me again next White Queen Wednesday!


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  1. NB

    Pretty neat summary!

    I agree that Emma and Namor can have some tension (mostly on Namor’s side), but nothing more substantial than that. I just hope Fraction can milk the soap-opera aspects in a satisfactory way when he apparently resumes this plot thread after Second Coming.

    Namor getting his own title IS of course one mark less against him — Emma would not disappear into Limbo if they were paired up and she left the X-Men — but then again, I doubt it will last that long.

  2. Ingonyama

    I don’t know why, but I’ve never liked Namor. He’s always struck me as being something of a spoiled child. His new “bad boy” image makes the triangle feel like a rehash of Scott/Jean/Logan, and I was never a fan of that.

    On the other hand, I will say that I miss the manipulative, calculating White Queen side of Emma’s nature, and seeing her use her sex appeal to forge and hold an alliance with Namor seems a lot like what people suspected her of doing when she first started sleeping with Scott. As long as it keeps feeling like she’s stringing him along, I’m happy. The sexual tension with the King of Atlantis has definite possibilities for Emma.

    I have decided I don’t want Scott and Jean back together when she returns. I was solidly sold on Scott and Emma thanks to Astonishing X-Men, and Emma’s supportiveness of Scott during the otherwise-horrid “End of Greys” arc. Besides, I’ve been saying this for about 6 years now: Jean needs to come back as her own person and carve out a new identity, away from Scott, Logan, and the Phoenix. And I feel that we, the readers, need to see her find that new self.

    Re: the open relationship idea…I dunno. I’m in a polyamorous relationship myself, and it’s a truckload of work. I doubt Scott and Emma would have the time to balance relationships outside their own with running Utopia.

  3. Do I see a new book on the horizon…Poly-X?

    Yes, it does seem like it’s mostly Namor chasing Emma…and Emma playing it/working it as far as she can without being unfaithful to Scott. The feelings (for Namor) may be there, but I doubt she’s going to risk her relationship with Scott for the temptations of the flesh.

  4. i think namor and emma frost should be a great pair because he is really kind to her

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