Evil Seduces Gambit

It looks like the ragin’ Cajun might sink his teeth into the X-Men’s Southern belle. Anyone else out there looking at this image (by Mike Mayhew) and picturing Anna Paquin (who played Rogue in the movies) as her True Blood character instead of Rogue? It’s totally got me chuckling how derivative pop culture entertainment can be sometimes. The parallels are fascinating to be sure, but I just don’t think I am sold on this whole X-Men versus Vampires thing.

Gambit and Storm have their own One-Shot wherein they are charged with stealing something from the vampires.    Does Gambit turn vampy on this mission, run away from Storm only to stalk Rogue later?  Goddess, I hope not.  Seriously, let “Anna” and Remy do something else than pine over each other for a change.  And what’s with this teaser and the one featuring Emma all vamped out focusing on couples?  Should we be expecting a Black Panther and Storm teaser?  That most likely won’t happen because T’Challa doesn’t show up in X-Men books as wallpaper even though Storm is relegated to background status in his book.  Heck, I’m sure T’Challa has an anti-vampire suit lying around somewhere or maybe his new mystical sigil powers would be helpful.  Anyway, I digress.  I’m sure we’ll see what the next teaser has to offer soon enough.  Thanks to Comic Book Resources for this teaser.