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Is Emma Frost Out For Blood?

Evil Seduces

Is the White Queen going to take a bite out of Cyclops?  If this image by Mike Mayhew is any indication, the answer is yes.  Dracula is back! Vampires are invading San Francisco!  The X-Men are the only defense!  While this artwork is stunning, I am so over story tropes that rely on whether Emma might be evil once again.  Then again, if Emma becomes a vampire, she wouldn’t be culpable for whatever diabolical actions she takes against the X-Men or others.  Kind of a loophole for dastardly doings and then an easy out for redemption.  Of course, I think it would be much more interesting if this artwork had Cyclops all vamped out and Emma in diamond form holding him back.  That’s just me.  What do you all think of this image and about the whole vampires versus X-Men idea?  Thanks to Comic Book Resources for the information.


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  1. NB

    Most likely just a teaser that has no relation to the actual story, much like the skrull posters and Dark Reign posters a while back.

    Still looks very fascinating though!

  2. Somewhere, sometime, Mister Ken Kneisel is sighing very deeply at this latest OMG Is Emma Evil? image.

  3. Ingonyama


    …yeah yeah, and they’ll probably go good again by the end of the year even if they are. Seriously, it’s a wonder those two even stay on the team anymore.

    …Lemme correct myself. Emma Frost is the Boss’s Girl. It’s a wonder REMY stays on the team anymore. Which is sad, since I used to really enjoy having him around.

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