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White Queen Wednesday: Sara Pichelli

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Welcome back to White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. This week I shine the artist spotlight on Sara Pichelli’s depiction of Emma Frost. She has drawn several Marvel comics over the last few years. A little NYX, some Runaways, a fun Dazzler short story and the recently concluded X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back miniseries. I like her style a lot and I must say she gives great Emma!




Emma also made a guest appearance along with the rest of the X-Men in an issue of Runaways drawn by Sara Pichelli and written by Terry Moore. All artwork presented here was colored by Christina Strain.


You can really feel Emma’s sneering sarcasm, eye-rolling exasperation and gentle concern for her students even without Kathryn Immonen’s playful dialogue on these black and white pages from X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back.






I admire the way Sara Pichelli draws Emma’s costume with her own particular stamp on it. Modified details like the lower cut bodice that also covers up her midriff a bit more than usual, big hooded cape and swinging 70s gold coin belt. It leads me to imagine that Emma has several closets full of many different variations on her standard costume at any given time. Because she would get bored wearing the same thing every day.

Sara Pichelli seems to enjoy drawing Emma Frost because there are a few lovely Emma sketches on her blog!





She used Copic markers on that last sketch, to dramatic effect! I really love the stylized X bustiers on those other costume variations and the sumptuous overflowing art deco sensuality of Emma wearing her old Hellfire Club outfit.

Well that concludes this White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. I do hope you join me once again next week.


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  1. I quite enjoyed Pixie Strikes Back….both in the story, and in the artwork. The coloring left something to be desired for me, though….it seemed all “blotchy” or something, and detracted from the actual art/linework. (in my opinion at least)

    Are you reading Heralds? Thoughts? I’m grooving on it so far, mostly for the “little moments,” like the hangover scene in the second issue…and Hellcat is rapidly becoming a favorite of mine!

  2. Does Emma have sliver of the Void in her head on one of the B&W pages with Blindfold?……..
    Thank you for the most beautiful Wednesday!))

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