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Give Cyclops A Break!

Give Cyclops A Break

Lots of folks know that Cyclops isn’t exactly one of my favorite characters. He’s not someone I would want to know in real life as his personality is more about being stoic, tactical and taciturn. However, those traits are exactly why I love him in the X-Men. He makes Wolverine and Storm more interesting by comparison. In a team book, his perspective creates complexity and his interaction with other teammates makes for good stories.

It was really cool to find the above image by Alan Davis in which Cyclops argues for his existence. At the time this was drawn by Davis, Marvel editorial was about to kill of Cyke and merge him with big bad Apocalypse. Davis was not a fan of this idea and drew this artwork to argue his point. I find it to be a definitive understanding of the character and I agree with everything it says. To me, it’s not about whether Cyclops or Storm is the better leader. It’s about what kind of leader would I rather follow if I were an X-Man.  I prefer Storm because I would rather have an empathic ally than a stern taskmaster.  However, Cyclops represents the patriarch, and like Wolverine, we must learn from and rebel against his authority if we are to become our own leader. Cyclops serves a very important function in the X-Men.  He represents the life lessons of The Emperor tarot card and I wouldn’t want it any other way.


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  1. Ingonyama

    I prefer Storm as a leader, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like and respect Cyclops.

    Davis’ quote says it all. Not everyone is cool. The people who devote themselves to being leaders are usually boring and “unhip,” due to having few interests outside their element. I totally empathize with that.

    Scott started off as “the nerdy one” on the original X-Men, and evolved into the responsible fellow he is now over years of training and character development. He’s made some truly spectacular f***ups, but those made him more complex and believable.

    These days I can’t stand where he’s gone. Joss Whedon did some drastic and amazing things with his character in Astonishing X-Men, taking the “standardized leader guy” and making him funny and cool in his own right, very different from Logan but IMHO, no less badass.

    But other writers have dropped the ball, with him organizing the new X-Force as a hit squad and making himself the supreme general of all the mutants left on Earth. Seriously, that’s stuff I’d expect from Magneto, and I could feel differently about what’s being done if it were Magneto behind it all, but Scott Summers is not a dictator.

    Scott could have stood to be more interesting, but I draw the line at Jetpack Cyclops. >.< Even Emma Frost's cool bitchiness has suffered thanks to the "Aura of Leadership" Scott seems to be projecting these days. She's becoming a blonde Jean Grey, and as I've said before, I truly detest that idea.

    So please, Marvel, bring back the nerdy, conflicted, uptight leader. I'm tired of everyone else's cool factor paling in the shadow of the Almighty Summers.

  2. Saidi

    I hate Davis’s x-men run with a passion… BUT if you really want my opinion on Scott Summers here it is , & about his marriage with Jean . Also I love his 2 sons & daughter

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