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Storm Sunday: Mark Brooks

Mark Brooks X-Treme X-Men Storm
I met Mark Brooks for the first time at Wonder Con in 2008.  He was super friendly and we had a great conversation about the X-Men and Storm and he showed me some of his X-Men art, including this piece which depicted everyone in the X-Books from 2006.  He also had a great Rogue piece that he had enlarged as a banner for his booth.  At the time, Storm wasn’t really in any X-Books and we talked about how we wished that wasn’t the case.  Mark drew me a cool Spider-Man sketch and I promised to stalk him on MySpace.    Above:  Mark Brooks sketch of X-Treme X-Men Storm from 2005.
Mark Brooks Mohawk Storm
I kept in touch with Mark and his lovely wife Lisa on MySpace and they both remembered me when I saw them in San Diego for Wonder Con 2008.  Mark graciously drew mohawk  Storm in my sketchbook (his personal favorite version of Storm).  Above, a gorgeous mohawk Storm sketch by Mark from 2007.
Ororo Before the Storm by Mark Brooks
Mark drew the cover for the first issue of Ororo: Before the Storm, a four issue mini-series depicting Storm’s early childhood years as a thief in Cairo.
Mark Brooks Ororo Before the Storm Sketches
Here’s some awesome preliminary sketches for the cover for Ororo: Before the Storm #1.
Mark Brooks Ororo Before the Storm Sketches
Here’s two more!   Click on any image to see them larger.

Among his many and varied assignments (including statue design), Mark has worked on Ultimate X-MenCable & Deadpool, Araña and New X-Men.  Recently, Mark drew the covers for Deadpool: Origins, a Cloak and Dagger one-shot (in which Storm plays a supporting role) and Uncanny X-Men #522 (the return of Kitty Pryde).  His cover for X-Men Annual #1 is stunning.  I’m particularly fond of the cover to Dark Reign: Young Avengers #4 (featuring Wiccan).

Keep up with Mark Brooks on his Deviant Art account, Facebook, and on Twitter.  He also has a beautiful art book available for sale while supplies last.  Order instructions are on his Deviant Art site on the left hand scroll bar.
Mark Brooks Polaris
Bonus:  I simply had to share this lovely Polaris sketch by Mark even though this is a Storm Sunday post.  This is how I think Lorna Dane should look (a little demure and fragile, but also possessing inner strength) and the costume in which I like her best (there’s something about the headplate and skull that just works for me).  White Queen fans might consider checking out this lovely image.


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  1. I have to admit to not being that familiar with his work…I’ll be looking into him some more now, though, as I love his linework! It’s very…”clean.”

  2. Ingonyama

    He tends to recycle poses for Ororo. Otherwise it’s good stuff, she looks strong and aggressive.

    My favorite pic here, oddly, is Lorna’s. Not any people can make a lady with a skull between her boobs look dignified, LOL.

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