X-Men Tarot
Praise the Bright Lady!  SF Weekly named me Best X-Men Tarot Card Reader in their Best of San Francisco 2010 Awards!  I found out Wednesday morning on Twitter, thanks to my eagle-eyed friends who closely follow San Francisco trends!  This morning I was excited to find out that Rich Johnston wrote an article about my tarot readings on Bleeding Cool and Comic Book Resources listed the SF Weekly article in a Comics A.M. post on Robot 6!

Here’s what SF Weekly had to say:

Best X-Men Tarot Card Reader – 2010


“At first it may seem ridiculous to get your future told by a man whose Tarot deck features X-Men characters. But STORM is no ordinary X-Men aficionado: He has legally changed his name to that of one of the characters. The X-Men have been published at least once a month for more than four decades, giving the characters a mythic resonance and backstories all their own. STORM knows the cards, knows the characters, and draws connections to the psyche that would make Sigmund Freud start leafing through back issues to find out what he missed. The result feels suspiciously sacred.”

Thank you SF Weekly for such a clever and accurate write up!  I especially like that they call the experience “suspiciously sacred.”  Many clients are surprised that a reading with comic book characters can contain depth and discernment and I think this quote accurately describes the experience.  Myths are sacred and modern pop culture myths are readily accessible for everyone.  What comic myth narrative will speak to your path?  Contact me at HeroicTarot (at) gmail (dot) com or call 415.932.6615 to make an appointment and find out!  I am available on Fridays, by appointment, at Swankety Swank (289 Divisadero btw Haight & Page).

Update:  Digital Spy has a ‘lil post up as well!