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White Queen Wednesday: Arthur Adams

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel

Thank you for joining me once again, gentle reader. This week’s White Queen Wednesday spotlights the artwork of Art Adams, a much-loved mainstay here on STORM’s blog who has been featured on more Storm Sundays than any other artist I can think of. Art Adams is not an artist normally associated with Emma Frost, and with good reason since this is the only published artwork of his which features Emma that I am aware of. In fact I’ve never even seen any Emma Frost commissions by Art Adams, not to say that none exist but I simply haven’t seen any of them and extensive internet searches turn up nothing at all.

I share STORM’s deep love for the artwork of Art Adams, particularly his X-Men art from the mid to late 80s. Going back and reading those comics now is like wrapping myself up in a big warm blanket made of fuzzy nostalgia. There’s a reason he’s so popular and is consistently named as an influence by many of the most celebrated artists in the field. His expressive faces and animated figures are just a delight to behold. Now let’s turn our attention to his depiction of the White Queen, shall we?


This cover is a stunning and memorable portrait of the evil White Queen. With her face almost entirely obscured by shadow but for a hauntingly wicked grin, a triumphant Emma holds the New Mutants in her thrall. She always coveted the team and wished to add their number to her own Hellions. She even temporarily succeeded in recruiting the New Mutants on a couple of occasions, this time in particular when they were mentally traumatized after having been killed and resurrected by the blithely omnipotent Beyonder during the Secret Wars II crossover.

Well that’s all I’ve got for you this White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader. I wish I had more lovely Emma Frost artwork by Art Adams to share with you, but as I said this is the only piece that exists. So we will simply have to appreciate it for the unique gem that it is. Until next week…


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  1. Khino

    Awesome! That’s one of my favorite comic book covers!
    I’m reading all these White Queen Wednesdays and you’re doing a wonderful job!

  2. Ken Kneisel

    Hi Khino! Thank you so much for the great compliment! I’m glad you’re enjoying White Queen Wednesday! 🙂

    This is definitely one of my all time favorite comic book covers too. Just such a wonderfully iconic image of Emma as the White Queen. Total poster material.

  3. Ahhhh, I used to look forward to when the annuals would come out during Adams’ time, and thoroughly enjoyed his all-too-brief run doing covers for the X-books!

  4. Ken Kneisel

    I totally agree, Judah! I love all those Art Adams Uncanny X-Men Annuals and also his Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem one-shot along with the two issues he drew of X-Factor as well!

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