You know what really frustrates me?  When I mention comic book superstars to my non-comic reading frineds and they say, “Who?”  That drives me bonkers.  It’s like what can I do?  Shove comics in their hands?  Plant them in their houses?  Give them as presents for their birthdays?

Anyway, I came back from San Diego Comic Con totally blissed out and my non-comic reading friends were all like, “What happened to you?  Who did you meet?”  And when I mentioned Grant Morrison, their faces went blank with ignorance.  I mean, GRANT MORRISON!  It’s ridiculous.

So, at a signing at the Darwyn Cooke, Cameron Stewart and Dave Bullock booth, I got to be elf to Grant Morrison’s Santa Claus (It’s a lot less sordid than it sounds, unfortunately).  I ushered fans in and out of the booth as they chatted up Grant and got him to sign their copies of Seaguy, JLA, X-Men, Final Crisis, Batman, The Invisibles, Animal Man, etcetera.  Beforehand, Grant and I had five minutes to talk about Lord Fanny, drag, magic (particularly sigils) and the power of intuition.  Definitely the most amazing five minute conversation I’ve had in a long time!

In addition to dispensing wise counsel to all who visited the booth, Grant kindly signed my sketchbook and drew me this sweet sketch of Batman!  Give Grant’s newly updated site a visit!  I most definitely recommend you read his POP MAG!C section!

Also, check out this Publisher’s Weekly interview with Grant!