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X-Men Versus Vampires

X-Men You know what the world needs?  Another X-Men title.  Well, no, I really don’t think so.  However, someone at Marvel did and they’ve got a new adjectiveless title featuring Marvel’s mutants coming out in July by novelist Victor Gischler and artist Paco Medina.  The reason for the new title?  Vampires.
X-Men VampiresIn this image, the X-Men have all been turned into the vampiric undead.  Okay.  I’ll bite (pun intended).  What does this title have to offer me other than seeing my favorite characters turn evil?  Aren’t we supposed to be entering the Heroic Age?  Hasn’t this story already been told?
X-Men I am excited about the team of X-Men being featured here, however (Artwork by Adi Granov).  Okay, I’ll admit I’m mostly just excited to have Storm be featured in the title.  I do hope they throw us continuity queens a bone though and reference Ororo’s battle with vampirism.  It’s the least they could do.
X-Man & JubileeIt appears that X-Man is going to feature prominently in this storyline (fresh from his rebirth and torture at the hands of Norman Osborn in Dark X-Men. Poor powerless Jubilee is pictured here as a vampire.  That is not how I want to see dear Jubilation.  She’s the embodiment of light and joy (or at least she was before she lost her powers) and having her become a vampire is neither clever nor ironic.
Hope & BladeLet me be clear:  I despise Hope.  I know, I know, how can I hate a character that is basically a tabula rasa?  Why can’t I wait for some development before I judge her?  I’ve read every appearance of Hope (including those two years of Tom & Jerry issues of Cable) and she has yet to do or be anything.  Sometimes Marvel holds their cards too long and I grow uninterested.  I don’t care if she turns into the Phoenix Force itself at this point.  I’m bored with her.  Another character with guns?  No thanks.  As for Blade, I wish Paul Cornell was still writing him.  That was the most interesting he’s ever been.
Spider-Man & Psylocke Let’s pretend that these characters are actually going to team-up for a second and that Marvel just isn’t tossing pairs of super-heroes around willy-nilly.  The idea of Spider-Man and Psylocke fighting together just writes itself.  He makes some quips about her scantily clad outfit and she silently slices and dices.  I think the contrast in their personalities would be a fun story.
Magneto & Savage She-Hulk I wish Magneto had really died a long time ago and I wish this version of a Savage She-Hulk had never been created.  Neither character holds any appeal for me.  Magneto was played out when Chris Claremont killed him in X-Men #2 and I need no other She-Hulk besides Jennifer Walters.  I really don’t enjoy alternate reality characters.
Gambit & Elektra Now this is a pairing that might even have some sparks of romance.  Am I alone in thinking that Gambit and Elektra might make a good couple?  I can see Gambit immediately hitting on Marvel’s most celebrated assassin, and while getting emotion out of Elektra might be like trying to get blood out of a stone…I think that if she let her guard down, Ms. Natchios andy Mr. LeBeau might have some chemistry.

Well, this new X-Men promotional push for the new series certainly has me thinking about it, so kudos to Marvel’s marketing department.  I look forward to seeing where this whole vampire thing goes.

Hey!  Where’s Iceman and Cable in these team promos?!


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  1. So far, most of my interest in Hope has been in the responses/reactions she’s getting from folks.

    I’m with you on not really thinking we need another book. It kina saddens me when books like the Runaways or the last Exiles gets cancelled, yet then they go and pump out yet another X-book. (and don’t get me started on the whole sew of Deadpool books)

  2. Ingonyama

    Lose Blade, and replace the wannabe She-Hulk with our girl Jen Walters, and we might have a team. Also, I personally feel Elektra is redundant, considering Psylocke’s presence in the group. Similar outfits, same role on the team, and Elektra isn’t a mutant.

    I love Magneto, always have. (Well, almost always…DAMMIT MORRISON!) So seeing him with the X-Men is a childhood fantasy come true. ^_^ And Spider-Man always struck me as someone who’d be more at home with the outcast team than on a team of celebrities like the Avengers. He and Psylocke on the team really does write itself, you’re right. ^_^ Though don’t count her out of the banter game just yet…she’s been quite witty on occasion, in her own high-class fashion.

    Hope…I really wish they’d just let the cat out of the bag already. She’s a placeholder for Jean when she finally comes back, and pretty much everyone knows it. And now seeing her run around with guns as big as her torso…I really, really miss Jean.

    Other than that, my only complaint is the same as it usually is in X-Men comics: Too many psychics and not enough demonic-looking German teleporters (yes, I’m crying myself to sleep every night), African weather goddesses, spunky Jewish phasing ninja, or kind-hearted Russian steel men.

    But, the psychic thing is OK this time because X-Man, Betsy, and Emma all use their powers in different ways.

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