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X:Men: Legacy Preview Art

I like to pretend that John Romita Jr. drew this image while watching me sleep. Surely this is what he saw me dreaming about. What else besides Marvel Not So Merry Mutants would be on my brain? Kidding aside, I really like this image. It has a nice painterly feel to it. And, Storm looks great, but she’s hidden a little behind Nightcrawler’s rather large forehead. Ugh. Other items of note: Everyone’s lost their eyeballs. One Cyclops is enough, but two of them? I know they wanted to represent the Original 5, but please…I hate Stryfe and his stupid helmet. Look how much room it takes up. Blech. It’s nice to see so many women represented, even if I can’t really identify who the heck they all are. Oh yeah, purple hair = Psylocke, but not since the All New, All Different lineup have we had a bunch of really unique looking characters that weren’t freakin’ ugly as all hell (Marrow, Maggott and Stacy X, I’m looking at you). Nightcrawler, Colossus, Storm and Wolverine have really iconic looks. We need more of that in character design today.


Book Recommendation: Naomi Wolf’s “The Treehouse”


Storm Sunday: John Byrne

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  1. Saidi

    I loooove Stryfe in his batshit insanity & glorious scenery chewing dialogue, Guess JRJR needs to take lessons from the Kuberts, they get the guy’s helmet right (as well as the rest … Wait till you see my redesign

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