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White Queen Wednesday: Drink & Drugs

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Welcome back, gentle reader, to White Queen Wednesday. This week I will touch on some of Emma’s experiences with drugs and alcohol, during her time with the Hellfire Club and as an X-Man. Emma is refreshingly honest about the subject and I feel it is an interesting topic worth exploring.


First and foremost it should be noted that Emma is incredibly picky, in fact downright snobbish, about her champagne. Perhaps this is due to her having lived a life of such obscene wealth and privilege and her appreciation for the finest things in life, as well as her proclivity to splurge on such a decadent indulgence as expensive champagne.


As the White Queen of the debauched Hellfire Club, essentially an exclusive S&M country club for the rich and kinky, every conceivable earthly indulgence was made available to Emma. And indulge she did. From her earliest appearances, Emma was frequently depicted with a flute of champagne or a cocktail or a goblet or snifter of hard brown liquor. But her drinking was never so much as mentioned, much less characterized as a problem.


It’s interesting to me that Emma never completely abandoned alcohol, continuing to enjoy a drink in moderation to this day. This is in stark contrast to characters like Iron Man and Ms Marvel for whom their out of control drinking ultimately became an issue that threatened to destroy their private and professional lives, a powerful problem to be overcome. It simply doesn’t seem to be an issue at all for Emma.


Substance use and abuse runs in her family, her mother was addicted to prescription tranquilizers and her gay brother Christian with whom she was quite close also used drugs before he tragically went insane. While she never specified exactly what drugs she used to do, I’m sure Emma sampled any number of narcotics at her own discretion during her time with the Hellfire Club. But I imagine she might have preferred cocaine, it just seems to fit her character best.

After Emma joined the X-Men and became a member of the faculty at Professor Xavier’s school, a new power enhancing drug called Kick swept the student population. Emma tried Kick, purely “in the interest of science”, in order to better understand what kind of a hold it had over her students. She described the experience as feeling “angelic and violently insane for five hours”. So she is still not above trying a new drug when it suits her.

I hope you enjoyed this examination of Emma’s attitudes towards drugs and alcohol, gentle reader, and I hope you join me next week for another White Queen Wednesday!


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  1. Ingonyama

    You just know if Marvel ever gets their hands on this, Emma will have a full-blown moral crisis just to hammer home the “Drugs Are Bad” anvil some more.

    Honestly, I like this about her…that she drinks, but she doesn’t have a drinking problem.

    It’s about the only thing she has in common with Wolverine, and something that I think really sells their images as the “adults” of the team. Not the drinking and drugs in and of themselves, but the fact that they’re mentally sound enough to exercise self-control in their indulgences and not lose themselves in them, especially with the kind of life the X-Men generally lead.

  2. Farouz

    loved it, Ken! Indeed, not all drinking (and drugging) is a ‘problem’ and it’s refreshing that the White Queen doesn’t dance to the tune of the anvil being hammered. Thanks for illuminating this aspect of Emma!

    • Ken Kneisel

      Hi, Farouz! Thanks so much for the comment! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Ken Kneisel

    Well put, Ingonyama! It’s something I really love about Emma as well, that she can drink and sample the occasional drug like Kick but is not characterized as some out of control addict.

    Although I’d say that’s not the only thing she has in common with Wolverine. After all, they were the only two heroes in favor of killing Wanda during the opening sequence of House of M.

    • Ingonyama

      Hmm. You raise a very interesting point. Any chance a future WQW will expound on that?

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