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Storm Sunday: Marley Zarcone


The amazing sketches that I received over WonderCon 2010 keep on comin’!  This week we celebrate the striking lines of artist Marley Zarcone!  Marley’s projects include Forgetless (she has a back up running through the 5 issue mini-series) and an upcoming issue of Madame Xanadu!  Marley drew this sketch in her hotel room while I read her tarot.  We didn’t have any reference for Storm’s tiara (much to Marley’s chagrin) but I really love the jewelry she drew instead.  Ororo truly looks like her authentic Kenyan princess self.


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  1. Love her bone structure…and she’s quite regal!

    p.s. While your presence was missed at Gathering, you picked a good one to skip!

  2. Ingonyama

    She looks tribal and regal, exotic and stylish all at the same time. the pic gives off a really great sense of her benevolence and compassion…you can sense this is someone you could confide in. 🙂

    In short, beautiful.

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