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White Queen Wednesday: X-Men Arcade Game

An Emma Frost Salon
by Ken Kneisel


Greetings, gentle reader! After last week I decided I would like to spotlight something a little more fun this time. So here’s a short clip of Emma’s appearance as the White Queen from an X-Men arcade game that some of you might remember. I certainly do.


I love her dialogue here. “The White Queen welcomes you to die!” So polite, our Emma. Then the evil husky cackle. I love it!

This side-scrolling Konami arcade game was based on the Pryde of the X-Men animated TV pilot that was released in the late 80s. I remember watching that cartoon and playing this video game over and over again in my teens.


If any of my San Francisco Bay Area buddies know of an arcade that still has this game, please let me know because I would love to play it with you sometime!

Well that’s it for this week’s White Queen Wednesday, gentle reader! Just something light and quick this time, but next week I promise to examine a meatier topic at length.


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  1. Man, I wish I knew the location of a functioning cabinet. That right there is one of my favorite arcade games of all time!

    Oh, and dibs on Colossus!

  2. Akeeko

    Ah nostalgia….

    I love this game soooo much! I was just playing this on my laptop the other day and was wondering whether or not anyone remembered this…

    I think this is the only X-Men game done right. Sure there are some yeahbutwhut moments (Wolvie’s laser claw, Storm’s walkin’ stick and Emma’s exploding mind bolts), but it didn’t matter we all had good fun!


    Ps. I love music for this game so, while browsing youtube one day I found a link to download the soundtrack! I love Ambience of the Underground!

  3. Ken Kneisel

    What’s up, Josh? I should have known this subject (video games) would get your attention!

    I used to love playing as Colossus too. Mainly because when he transformed into organic steel, there was that big energy burst or whatever that cleared away all of the opponents in his immediate vicinity. But if you want to be Colossus then I guess I will be Wolverine. STORM would of course be Storm. 🙂

    Hey, Akeeko! Thanks for the comment! I totally loved this game despite those funny inconsistencies you mentioned. Like I was just thinking it is a bit bizarre to see Emma mixing it up in a side-scrolling brawler like this when she is not really much of a hand-to-hand combatant in the comics. She normally prefers to focus on mental attacks or have others do the dirty work for her.

  4. Ingonyama

    If STORM gets Storm (as well he should), I’ll take either Nightcrawler or Dazzler. Ororo was my best character in that game, but I tried it with everyone once.

    I first played this during my exposure to the TV show, during which time I just thought Dazzler was Jubilee with a dye job. Made it past Pyro, but I don’t remember the rest of the game.

    I loved it though…I would have given anything for it to be released to a home console, but I don’t think Konami has the rights to do that. : Oh well.

  5. Oh man, my buddy had one of those in his garage a few years ago. It was probably the coolest addition to a garage I’d ever seen. I think the electric bill was through the roof, and it wasn’t exactly a small cabinet… so the other roommates voted it out.

    And Colossus was the coolest because of that noise he’d make every time he transformed. “rrrrrRRRRRAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!”

  6. anne

    they used to have this game at musee mechanique when it was at the cliff house. I haven’t visited the museum at its new location, but they might have it up and running there.

  7. Dennis

    If you ever end up across the continent and over the border, I know someone who owns the machine. No quarters required.

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