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Storm Sunday: Colleen Doran


Ororo Munroe sketch by Colleen Doran.

One of my favorite creators is Colleen Doran (of A Distant Soil fame) and I was elated when I realized that her booth this year at WonderCon was near Writers Old Fashioned!  The close proximity enabled me to take time to speak with her several times about her upcoming work on Girl Comics #4 and her artwork for Gone to Amerikay and Stealth Tribes (with Warren Ellis)!  I missed her panel, but I did get one on one time with Colleen in which we exchanged stories and experiences.  These moments are some of my favorites from that weekend.

Of course, I am elated to have a Colleen Doran sketch in my art collection!   I love her lines.  They have inherent grace and fluidity without compromising the realistic solidity of the character.  She makes Ororo look glamorous, serene and yet still edgy.

Thank you, Colleen for being such a warm and personable creator and an overall inspiration in both personal and professional spheres.  I look forward to the next time our paths cross.

Colleen Doran & STORM

Colleen Doran and STORM, WonderCon 2010.


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  1. Ken Kneisel

    I love this sketch! Such a lovely face. So simply and yet so evocative.

    You are quickly amassing quite an impressive collection of outstanding Storm sketches!

  2. Ken Kneisel

    PS I really loved Colleen Doran’s cute fuzzy slippers at WonderCon! After trudging up and down the convention floor all weekend, not to mention our four mile hike halfway across San Francisco on Friday night’s Tiki Tour, they made me wish I was kicking back in a pair of big fluffy slippers of my own! 😉

  3. Akeeko

    I am sooooo jealous! Lol!

    Lovely Sunday as always Storm!


    Ps.I would love to walk up to some of my favorite artists and have a conversation with them, but I get soo starstruck and I am super shy!

  4. Hey Ken!

    Yeah, awesome Doran goodness, for sure! And yeah, Colleen knows how to work a con in exquisite comfort fashion! Bunny slippers for the win!

    Hey Akeeko!

    You should have seen me when I first met J.H.Williams III! I was so tongue tied I just stammered out syllables without stringing them together and then I started stuttering! Luckily we laughed together and then my nervousness faded. Now I am proud to call him a friend!

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