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Storm Sunday: Darwyn Cooke

Storm for STORM by Darwyn Cooke

Dear Reader, I am so excited to share my very own original Darwyn Cooke artwork with you!  I am such a fan of Darwyn’s and having him draw Storm is a dream come true!  I love the splashes of orange color!  They remind me of how the world lights up when lightning flashes.  My favorite aspect of this image is how Ororo’s hair is so charged with electricity that it blends in with the environment.  A truly gorgeous piece of art!


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  1. I will not confess to how envious I am. (oh wait, I just did, didn’t I??)
    I have to say I’d never *really* read a DC book in my life, being a purely Marvel guy, until he took on CatWoman. Despite years of liking her character (and Michelle Pfieffer, let’s be honest) it was his artwork that made me start following her story!

  2. Jeni

    She is gorgeous!!! And how can you not love the man, his insane talent, and his awesome wife!

  3. Ken Kneisel

    WOW! This piece is simply breathtaking! I love it! I see what you meant about her hair being incorporated into the background too.

    Speaking of Darwyn, how great was that oversized (and underpriced) Hunter preview from WonderCon?

  4. Ingonyama

    Cooke’s Ororo looks AMAZING.

    I remember falling in love with Justice League: New Frontier entirely because of him. A story that ran an incredible risk of being a bland cliché really came to life thanks to him.

    I’d be thrilled to see his take on the X-Men. As I said, the Goddess looks spectacular.

    Thanks to his work with DC, we know he could be brilliant at the cleaner-cut good guys (Colossus, Cyclops, Jean, Kitty, or the Rich Idiot With Wings), but I’d REALLY love to see what he does with Nightcrawler, Beast, or Wolverine! Those unconventional designs and his approach to comics don’t outwardly seem to mesh…but then, he drew some truly freaky stuff in New Frontier.

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