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Let Us Praise Polaris!


Artwork by Bruce Timm

After reading through the comments from yesterday’s Storm Sunday comments, I realized that a lot of people love Polaris!  I’ve always loved this green haired beauty as well and felt that Lorna consistently received less than her due in the comics.  Thankfully, Bruce Timm created this amazing artwork to celebrate our Mistress of Magnetism!  Here’s hoping Polaris cuts loose soon and receives the accolades that are rightfully hers!


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  1. Justin

    Nice post and great piece of art.

    Hopefully after 4 years in space the x-books are ready to bring her back to Earth.

    Here is a really nice picture you might like of the first three X-women.

    • No way, man. I want to see the space X-Men fit more tightly into Marvel Cosmic. Maybe they should just be folded into Guardians of the Galaxy. Either way, Abnett & Lanning should write them.

    • Ingonyama

      Damn. Add Psylocke into that pic and you have my dream X-Team right there. Power, poise, and plenty of attitude.

  2. Justin

    While I very much liked how Polaris was written with Crystal and Luna in War of Kings the cosmic universe has shrunk big time. Nova and GotG are on soft cancellation right now and one of them might or might not be back come 2011. I personally suspect they will try for something new like the Cosmic Avengers.

    Either way according to DnA the X-books reclaimed Polaris, Rachel and Alex late last summer from them which is why they didn’t appear in Realm of Kings. According to Tom Brevoort they are currently under the control of the x-books.

  3. What’s the good news?

  4. Justin

    There is no good news at all to be had right now for the character. It seems as though the writers origionally intended to have them be part of Utopia and SC, but that was nixed and now they say that have plans for them. But, until they give us a writers name and somekind of estimated ETA saying they have plans is a check is in the mail type situation. Its a hard time to be a fan of the character.

  5. This image makes me desire a Wendy Pini version of the X-Women!

    In regards to the above comments, as much as I’d like to see the return of Havok/Polaris/Rachel, I’d also prefer for them to be kept in limbo until they can return for a reason, not just to add to the number of characters who aren’t being used as anything other than filler.

  6. Ingonyama

    Claremont really seemed to give Polaris the short end of the stick during his run. Brainwashing and mind-control every time I turned around, and she maybe got to help out the team once or twice in her entire run…once not even using her own powers! (Seriously, did ANYONE follow up on that “negative emotions/superstrength” secondary powers fiasco?) Despite that, she stuck out to me as a character who stood out as having the potential to be really brilliant.

    Oddly, I actually liked Chuck Austen’s take on her…not so much what he was trying to use her for (Havok’s current girlfriend is a psycho just like Daddy so he should dump her for the OH SO PERFECT nurse who’s based off my real-life wife!), as the fact that, yes, Lorna IS related to one of the most powerful, influential, and complex characters in the MU, and that her views, despite being an X-Man-in-reserve her entire life, are actually closer in line with his. Possibly because she spent so much time away from the team, living in the “real world,” where she sees firsthand the hatred humans have for mutants every day.

    That, along with the trauma of what happened on Genosha, made her a truly fascinating character, more complicated than she seemed at first glance and worth a second look.

    I would really love to see her as a major player in the comics…I’d prefer it be without Alex “I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Cyclops” Summers, but since she seems joined to him at the hip, I guess I’d rather see both of them in a book than neither.

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