PrintDear Reader, I am the Shop Manager of Swankety Swank, a boutique gallery located in San Francisco, California.  Swankety Swank  represents handcrafted items from over 20 local artists including furniture, accessories, and clothing.  We celebrate our artists and community with art walks, trunk sales and gallery openings.   We also have  SwankSpeak! a bi-monthly magazine!

The 24 page second issue of SwankSpeak! is created with sincerity, intelligence and love and three of the features are created by Yours Truly:

First, there’s “Creative Genius”, a column about inspiration & art with essays by Dean Haspiel (ACT-I-VATE), Kelly Lydick (Mastering the Dream) & Serena Valentino (Fairest of All)!

I have a two page comic strip of Galaxy Runway, my Princess Witch Boy spin-off!  It’s a great way to enjoy my art while I get crackin’ on issue #2 of PWB!

Every issue I interview one of Swankety Swank’s amazing artists and this issue I speak with DAS-OWL fashion house designers Deborah Sciales and Oliver Lowe!

There’s also a gorgeous photographic fashion story “Natural Magick” by superb photographer Eartha L. Goodwin featuring models Tiff RojasMary Van Note (Mary is also our “Muse of the Month”)!

Come visit us at 289 Divisadero (btw Haight & Page Sts.) in San Francisco for your own copy.  If you are not in San Francisco, you can order this issue or purchase a year’s subscription!

When you buy a subscription to SwankSpeak! you will receive 6 issues a year! That’s 4 issues of consumer consciousness and creativity coming from The House of Swankety Swank to Yours!