Barry Windsor-Smith Week draws to a close today.  I had a great time celebrating the man and his art.  It was awesome to touch on some of my favorite characters and stories upon which BWS left his indelible mark. One of the things I didn’t get to feature is Storyteller.
For all of you Conan fans out there who might have been disappointed I didn’t share any images of the character that put BWS on the map, I hope you will accept this page and the sketch below as my condolences.  The internet is full of amazing Conan artwork to appreciate.
Conan sketch from the Rune and Conan crossover.

Nick Fury by BWS from a much earlier time in his (just starting out) career.

Just in case you missed a post, here’s a list of what I covered:

Madman, Wolverine,  Adastra, Pathways to Fantasy, Medusa, Magnus Robot Fighter, Vampirella Presents, Power Pin Ups, Fantastic Pin Ups, Hulk, Batman 3-D, Prime8, Doctor Strange, Tales of the Teen Titans, Deathmate, The New Mutants, Marvelman, Weapon X, Machine Man, Rune, The Uncanny X-Men, and of course, Storm, Storm & Storm!

Now I leave you with this excerpt from BWS’ 2008 Eisner Awards Hall of Fame acceptance speech:

“[T]he major [comic book] companies’ standard contract, deceptively titled “WORK FOR HIRE,” is a legal but unethical instrument designed to rape and plunder young talents of every possible prerogative they would otherwise possess if they had the fortune to work for more scrupulous, morally invested, publishers.” – Barry Windsor-Smith

‘Nuff said!