While working at the Darwyn Cooke, Cameron Stewart and Dave Bullock booth at this year’s San Diego Comic Con (more on that soon, I promise), I got the chance to meet Jimmy Palimiotti!  Jimmy’s a man of many talents and projects and is a well known writer, editor and creator.  You can check out his official bio here (along with the super-talented Amanda Conner and the illustrious Justin Gray).  Jimmy’s wikipedia entry is here and after you check out the work he’s done and order his books from your local comic dealer and watch Painkiller Jane on the SciFi channel, you can stalk him on MySpace.

I really enjoyed my brief chat with Jimmy as he hung out with the artists of Booth 2207 and was especially delighted when he graciously agreed to sketch this portrait of the Punisher for me.

Frank’s looking grim and gritty in this piece, just the way I like him!  Gotta love the stubble, the jacket collar and that raised eyebrow.  I think this drawing really encapsulates the rough and rugged emotional character of Frank Castle!  He’s a potent combination of handsome and dangerous! Much gratitude to Jimmy for this great sketch!