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Stormwatch: Xenogenesis, Part II


We interrupt this week’s celebration of Barry Windsor-Smith to relate this image of the upcoming cover of Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis #2!  It appears, that yes, the mohawk *is* back and that yes, Emma *has* undergone some, ahem, alterations.  I think this iteration of the Astonishing crew is exciting, but there’s just one thing I cannot stomach and that is baseball caps on my heroes.  It’s one thing to wear them off-duty when you are playing the sport, but to add them to the costume is a fashion offense I cannot abide.  Super double ugh.  Otherwise, I am so ready for this comic.  Warren Ellis continues to write the X-Men in a consistent narrative voice and Kaare Andrews is obviously having fun with his part of the storytelling.  Bring on the mutant babies!


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  1. Agreed. The baseball caps make it hard for me to take these guys seriously. It makes them seem more… amateur?

  2. Amateur is a great word to describe this scenario. I don’t mind my X-Men infused with humor. In fact, I love it. Obviously, Warren & Kaare are having a little fun at the X-Men’s expense (especially Emma). However, the baseball caps are just WRONG.

  3. Ken Kneisel

    The ball caps are a little dumb, but otherwise I am loving everything else about this cover. Primarily everything in relation to Storm and Emma.

    Starting with Storm, I’m glad they kept the two elements I liked best from that first piece of artwork we were shown: the mohawk and big feather earrings, and ditched the thing which I felt was a little off: the bare midriff and exposed underboobs.

    As for Emma, yes she has had a lot of work done when it comes to cosmetic surgeries and other augmentations, and she’s not at all shy about discussing it either. Like in Astonishing X-Men #1 when she mentioned that she had “the best body money can buy” or New X-Men #120 when she described her nose as “twenty thousand dollars of very delicate cosmetic surgery”, among other examples. Like Dolly Parton said, it costs a lot of money to look that cheap. 😉

    Which actually brings up an interesting point about her secondary mutation ability to transform into organic diamond. How exactly does that work when half her body is made of plastic? Is it just her skin that turns into diamond or her whole body, and if so are all the plastic and silicone bits also somehow turned into diamond as well? It’s an intriguing question, one which was brought to my attention by one of the clerks at Comic Relief (THE Comic Bookstore) here in Berkeley a few weeks ago.

    There’s lots of interesting subjects when it comes to Emma, especially in regards to her villainous past and subsequent reformation and dramatic character evolution. Why, someone could write a whole series of posts about her if they were so inclined.[/foreshadowing] 😉

  4. Ingonyama

    On the other side, I feel Emma’s character is suffering from too much exposure as it is.

    They’ve showcased her and hyped her up as Jean’s replacement so much that she’s overshadowed many of the female X-Men who’ve a) been there much longer and b) I find more entertaining and intriguing to read about. That, and I still think she looks like a bleached Jessica Rabbit under the new pen.

    Logan looks like he’s wearing lipstick. It says something when I find Scott hotter than Wolverine on a cover.

    Ororo, ironically, looks fantastic. Visually, she’s hit a balance between beautiful and strong, and the Mohawk isn’t taking anything away from the essential glamour of her appearance.

    Re: the caps: I’m thinking less “baseball” and more “riot gear.” They have hats with bills too.

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