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Barry Windsor-Smith Week: Weapon X (+ SuperGeek Wolverine Poll)


Wolverine.  He’s come a long way from being some weirdo with a pinched face in aqua and yellow who attacked the Hulk for no frickin’ reason.  In fact, one might say that Wolverine has become so popular that he imploded and became an infinite number of himself.  Seriously, there’s a Wolverine for everybody.  So many iterations, even if you don’t count the cartoons and movies.  I have to say, Barry Windsor-Smith makes  a strong case for why his Weapon X version of the man called Logan  is the best.  Just look at the above image to understand what I mean.   Wow.  That is one intense force of nature and I am not talking about the blizzard.


And here’s that crazy virtual reality helmet that the evil Weapon Plus program put on him.  To say that I appreciate Barry Windsor-Smith’s ability to draw both organic and technological subjects would be a great understatement.  I find his artistic rendering of both man-made and natural forms to be astounding.

Now I want to know among you comics fans (or those of you who have been reading the X-Men for a long time) which Wolverine *in comics* is your favorite?  I am not counting cartoons or the movies or even the Ultimate Universe Wolverine (Spoilers:  He’s dead anyway).  I’ve created a poll and listed as many versions of Wolvie as I could remember off the top of my head.  If your favorite “version” of Logan isn’t listed, then click on Other and tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. Ken Kneisel

    Out of the options listed, I’ve got to go with the shirtless black leather biker looking Wolverine from Grant Morrison’s New X-Men because I have so much love for that classic run of comics.

    However, the first person to convince me to buy and enjoy an actual Wolverine solo comic on a regular basis was Jason Aaron. Particularly his short story in Wolverine #73, which is easily my favorite Wolverine comic of all time.

  2. My fave is kind of a cross between “Brown & Tan Costume (John Byrne)” & “Martial Artist Wolverine (Kitty Pryde Limited Series)”. He immediately follows what I would call “Gaijin Wolverine (Frank Miller)”. Maybe the best name for him is “Stoic Lovelorn Wolverine (Paul Smith/John Romita Jr.)”.

    I only like about 50% of the versions listed in the poll.

  3. Brown & Tan! I think Marvel just went back to yellow because they realized the University of Michigan wouldn’t sue them. The leather in the movies + morrison’s run was alright also but it looked weird on a 6ft+ guy.

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