rune poster by BWS

Rune (that dude above) is an original creation by Barry Windsor-Smith from when he was working at Malibu comics.  You can read the entire issue of Rune #0 online.  While I have always loved the design of this character (all of those stones hanging off of him look cool), I have to admit that I never really followed him because I have a hard time reading about characters who are grotesque monsters.  Couple that with the fact that the only thing this guy does is feed on people to survive so he can eat more people and you have me at uninterested in his stories.  I’m not saying they are without merit.  I’m saying that if Rune had been the big bad for another character in a series who could actually stand up to him then I might have been more of a fan.  It’s difficult for me to read stories that have complete villains as leads.  I want to identify with and cheer on a heroic protagonist.  I appreciate Rune for being a Barry Windsor-Smith creation and even though I might have found him too thematically depressing to follow, I have to admit he’s got an otherworldly charm about him.