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Barry Windsor-Smith Week: The New Mutants

The owner of this drawing of Magik (from New Mutants #45) recreated this Marvel 25th Anniversary frame of heroes as an overlay to display his artistic treasure.
This is the original artwork by Barry Windsor-Smith.  Magik is one of my favorite New Mutants (followed by Doug Ramsey and Danielle Moonstar) and it is unusual yet wonderful to see the demon sorceress in a moment of serenity.  I do believe there’s a glimmer of mischief lurking in those eyes as well.
Barry Windsor-Smith - New Mutants n.42 cover
Cannonball carries his love Lila Cheney on this cover to New Mutants #42 (which has always looked like a flying pieta to me–more proof of Barry Windsor-Smith bringing classical art to comics).


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Barry Windsor-Smith Week: Marvelman

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